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Hazard Mitigation


We're Here to Help with Your Tree Hazards

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Service Description

Landscaping is often associated with beauty and tranquility, but behind the scenes, there's a critical aspect that deserves our attention: hazard pruning and building clearance. These practices aren't just about aesthetics; they play a pivotal role in enhancing safety, protecting property, and ensuring the longevity of your outdoor space. Hazard pruning isn't merely about shaping trees and shrubs for visual appeal; it's a proactive approach to prevent potential dangers. This meticulous process involves the removal of dead or diseased branches that pose risks, especially during storms. By eliminating these hazards, we reduce the chances of falling limbs that could cause damage or, worse, jeopardize safety. Hazard pruning acts as a shield against the destructive power of storms. By removing weak or compromised branches, we minimize the risk of limbs breaking and causing harm to property or people during adverse weather conditions. Beyond storms, hazard pruning also addresses everyday safety concerns. Removing branches that obstruct sightlines or block pathways ensures safe navigation through your outdoor space, preventing potential accidents and injuries. Trees and shrubs can sometimes encroach upon structures. Hazard pruning mitigates this risk by eliminating branches that might pose a threat to roofs, windows, or other parts of buildings. ‍Building clearance in landscaping focuses on maintaining a safe distance between vegetation and structures. This goes beyond aesthetics; it's a strategic way to prevent damage and preserve the integrity of your buildings. By creating a buffer zone around structures, we prevent moisture accumulation, pest infestation, fire hazards, and structural damage caused by contact with vegetation. At Wade in the Water Landscape & Irrigation, we understand the importance of hazard pruning and building clearance in landscaping. That's why we offer these services as part of our comprehensive landscaping solutions. Our licensed & certified tree surgeon expert will assess your landscape tree hazard situation and perform the necessary services with skill and precision.

Cancellation Policy

We completely understand that sometimes things occur unexpectedly that might cause you to need to reschedule your appointment or your regularly scheduled routine lawn care & maintenance service visit. In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment or regularly-scheduled service visit, we ask that you please call or text us at least 24 hours in advance, if possible, at 601-602-7444. *** Should your Wade in the Water project crew be delayed for your appointment due to weather, or any other unforeseen obstacle, we will update you as soon as possible, and we will contact you promptly to reschedule your service. Thank you! 🌱 Wade in the Water Landscape & Irrigation

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