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Good nutrition is essential for a long, healthy life, making microgreens a must-have in order to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.


From the dirt to your dinner table...


Designed to make getting your microgreens easier, plus delivering a microdose of nutrients and a macrodose of functional benefits to your kitchen table, Ingarden is your kitchen's new best friend!

If you're interested in Ingarden, welcome!


You're smart! 


Our Ingarden Microgreens Grow Kit gives you everything you need to get started and keep at it.

Order your Ingarden in 3 simple steps:
1) choose your color 🎨
2) choose your pricing option 📦
3) choose your microgreens 🌱


* Don't forget to take photos of your growing greens and tag us on social media! 


Happy Microgreen Growing! 

Ingarden Microgreens Grow Kit

SKU: 22037660
Excluding Sales Tax
  • For quality control reasons, we regret that we cannot accept returns of seed or live plant materials, as these items are perishable and cannot be re-sold once they have left our facility. Please contact us with any questions by emailing, or by texting or calling 601-401-6944. 

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